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List of neobanks and digital banks in the world in 2023.

There are currently 276 neobanks in the world.

The last update was made on Sep 25, 2023.

Africa (6)Americas (118)Asia (53)Europe (90)Oceania (9)

6 mobile banks in Africa

Logo Neobank Head Office
Favicon Dopay Dopay Egypt
Favicon Kuda Kuda Nigeria
Favicon Opay Opay Nigeria
Favicon VBank VBank Nigeria
Favicon Bettr Bettr South Africa
Favicon Zero Zero South Africa

118 mobile banks in North and South America

Logo Neobank Head Office
Favicon Brubank Brubank Argentina
Favicon Rebanking Rebanking Argentina
Favicon Uala Uala Argentina
Favicon Wilobank Wilobank Argentina
Favicon NuBank NuBank Brazil
Favicon Banco Inter Banco Inter Brazil
Favicon Banco Original Banco Original Brazil
Favicon Agibank Agibank Brazil
Favicon AgZero AgZero Brazil
Favicon Alt Alt Brazil
Favicon Banco Bari Banco Bari Brazil
Favicon Banco Bmg Banco Bmg Brazil
Favicon Banco Pan Banco Pan Brazil
Favicon Banqi Banqi Brazil
Favicon BS2 BS2 Brazil
Favicon BTG+ BTG+ Brazil
Favicon C6 Bank C6 Bank Brazil
Favicon Digio Digio Brazil
Favicon Hybank Hybank Brazil
Favicon iti Itaú iti Itaú Brazil
Favicon meu pag! meu pag! Brazil
Favicon Neon Neon Brazil
Favicon Next Next Brazil
Favicon Nomad Nomad Brazil
Favicon Nu Bank Nu Bank Brazil
Favicon Original Original Brazil
Favicon PicPay PicPay Brazil
Favicon Sofisa Direto Sofisa Direto Brazil
Favicon superdigital superdigital Brazil
Favicon Trigg Trigg Brazil
Favicon Volt Volt Brazil
Favicon Yours Yours Brazil
Favicon ZRO Bank ZRO Bank Brazil
Favicon Koho Koho Canada
Favicon Mogo Mogo Canada
Favicon NorthOne NorthOne Canada
Favicon ZAG Bank ZAG Bank Canada
Favicon Brightside Brightside Canada
Favicon EQ Bank EQ Bank Canada
Favicon Mydoh Mydoh Canada
Favicon Neo Financial Neo Financial Canada
Favicon Stack Stack Canada
Favicon Tangerine Bank Tangerine Bank Canada
Favicon Mach Mach Chile
Favicon Nequi Nequi Colombia
Favicon Robocred Robocred Mexico
Favicon Albo Albo Mexico
Favicon Broxel Broxel Mexico
Favicon Cuenca Cuenca Mexico
Favicon Enso Enso Mexico
Favicon Evva Evva Mexico
Favicon Flink Flink Mexico
Favicon Fondeadora Fondeadora Mexico
Favicon Hey Banco Hey Banco Mexico
Favicon Klar Klar Mexico
Favicon Miio Miio Mexico
Favicon Nelo Nelo Mexico
Favicon Oyster Oyster Mexico
Favicon RappiPay RappiPay Mexico
Favicon Swap Swap Mexico
Favicon B89 B89 Peru
Favicon Ligo Ligo Peru
Favicon Rappi Rappi Peru
Favicon NOVO NOVO United States
Favicon JUNO JUNO United States
Favicon Douugh Douugh United States
Favicon GOBank GOBank United States
Favicon LiLi LiLi United States
Favicon Mercury Mercury United States
Favicon Relay Relay United States
Favicon STASH STASH United States
Favicon Affirm Affirm United States
Favicon Aspiration Aspiration United States
Favicon AXOS AXOS United States
Favicon Chime Chime United States
Favicon Copper Copper United States
Favicon Rho Rho United States
Favicon Simple Simple United States
Favicon UnifiMoney UnifiMoney United States
Favicon VARO VARO United States
Favicon Acorns Acorns United States
Favicon Ando Ando United States
Favicon Arival Arival United States
Favicon Atmos Atmos United States
Favicon Bambu Bambu United States
Favicon Bank Mobile Bank Mobile United States
Favicon Betterment Betterment United States
Favicon Bridge Money Bridge Money United States
Favicon Capway Capway United States
Favicon Cheese Cheese United States
Favicon Cogni Cogni United States
Favicon Current Current United States
Favicon Dave Dave United States
Favicon Daylight Daylight United States
Favicon Empower Empower United States
Favicon Envel Envel United States
Favicon Finch Finch United States
Favicon Greenlight Greenlight United States
Favicon HMBradley HMBradley United States
Favicon Lance Lance United States
Favicon Lili Lili United States
Favicon M1 Finance M1 Finance United States
Favicon Majority Majority United States
Favicon MoneyLion MoneyLion United States
Favicon Move Move United States
Favicon North Loop North Loop United States
Favicon ONE ONE United States
Favicon OnJuno OnJuno United States
Favicon Oxygen Oxygen United States
Favicon Point Point United States
Favicon Qube Money Qube Money United States
Favicon Sable Sable United States
Favicon Sofi Sofi United States
Favicon Step Step United States
Favicon Upgrade Upgrade United States
Favicon Wicket Wicket United States
Favicon Yotta Yotta United States
Favicon Zeta Zeta United States

53 mobile banks in Asia

Logo Neobank Head Office
Favicon ila Digital Bank ila Digital Bank Bahrain
Favicon MYBank MYBank China
Favicon WeBank WeBank China
Favicon MOX Bank MOX Bank Hong Kong
Favicon Air Star Air Star Hong Kong
Favicon Neat Neat Hong Kong
Favicon Airstar Bank Airstar Bank Hong Kong
Favicon Livi Bank Livi Bank Hong Kong
Favicon PAObank PAObank Hong Kong
Favicon Statrys Statrys Hong Kong
Favicon WeLab Bank WeLab Bank Hong Kong
Favicon ZA Bank ZA Bank Hong Kong
Favicon FamPay FamPay India
Favicon Finin Finin India
Favicon Open Open India
Favicon Airtel Payments Bank Airtel Payments Bank India
Favicon digibank By DBS digibank By DBS India
Favicon NiYO NiYO India
Favicon InstantPay InstantPay India
Favicon Streak Card Streak Card India
Favicon Yodaa Yodaa India
Favicon 811 by Kotak 811 by Kotak India
Favicon Freo Money Freo Money India
Favicon SaveIN SaveIN India
Favicon Walrus Walrus India
Favicon Yono by SBI Yono by SBI India
Favicon Jenius Jenius Indonesia
Favicon Pepper Pepper Israel
Favicon Jal Neobank Jal Neobank Japan
Favicon Jibuan Bank Jibuan Bank Japan
Favicon Sumishin Net Bank Sumishin Net Bank Japan
Favicon Yamada Bank Yamada Bank Japan
Favicon JAL Global Wallet JAL Global Wallet Japan
Favicon Kyash Kyash Japan
Favicon Sony Bank Sony Bank Japan
Favicon Kakao Bank Kakao Bank South Korea
Favicon BigPay BigPay Malaysia
Favicon Philippines
Favicon Tonik Bank Tonik Bank Philippines
Favicon Komo Komo Philippines
Favicon Hala Hala Saudi Arabia
Favicon meem meem Saudi Arabia
Favicon Aspire Aspire Singapore
Favicon YouTrip YouTrip Singapore
Favicon K Bank K Bank South Korea
Favicon Lotus Lotus Sri lanka
Favicon TMRW by UOB TMRW by UOB Thailand
Favicon Mashreq Neo Mashreq Neo United Arab Emirates
Favicon Xpence Xpence United Arab Emirates
Favicon Liv. Liv. United Arab Emirates
Favicon Jeff App Jeff App Vietnam
Favicon Timo Timo Vietnam
Favicon TNEX TNEX Vietnam

90 mobile banks in Europe

Logo Neobank Head Office
Favicon Aion Aion Belgium
Favicon Lunar Lunar Denmark
Favicon Vialet Vialet Lithuania
Favicon Fintelum Fintelum Latvia
Favicon Nibble Finance Nibble Finance Estonia
Favicon Dofinance Dofinance Latvia
Favicon Scallop Scallop Estonia
Favicon Holvi Holvi Finland
Favicon Monestro Monestro Finland
Favicon Shine Shine France
Favicon Ma French Bank Ma French Bank France
Favicon Nickel Nickel France
Favicon Hello bank! Hello bank! France
Favicon Anytime Anytime France
Favicon Helios Helios France
Favicon Kard Kard France
Favicon Lydia Lydia France
Favicon France
Favicon Noelse Noelse France
Favicon Orange Bank Orange Bank France
Favicon Pixpay Pixpay France
Favicon Prismea Prismea France
Favicon Soshop Soshop France
Favicon Vybe Vybe France
Favicon Xaalys Xaalys France
Favicon Qonto Qonto France
Favicon Tomorrow Tomorrow Germany
Favicon Nuri Nuri Germany
Favicon Insha Insha Germany
Favicon Fidor Bank Fidor Bank Germany
Favicon N26 N26 Germany
Favicon Kontist Kontist Germany
Favicon Penta Penta Germany
Favicon Vivid Money Vivid Money Germany
Favicon Indo Indo Iceland
Favicon CurrencyFair CurrencyFair Ireland
Favicon Fire Fire Ireland
Favicon BuddyBank BuddyBank Italy
Favicon Hype Hype Italy
Favicon Soldo Soldo Italy
Favicon NeoFinance NeoFinance Lithuania
Favicon Valyuz Valyuz Lithuania
Favicon Knab Knab Netherlands
Favicon Bunq Bunq Netherlands
Favicon mBank mBank Poland
Favicon Nest Bank Nest Bank Poland
Favicon Tinkoff Bank Tinkoff Bank Russia
Favicon Qiwi Qiwi Russia
Favicon Sovcom Bank Sovcom Bank Russia
Favicon Rocket Bank Rocket Bank Russia
Favicon Bnext Bnext Spain
Favicon ImaginBank ImaginBank Spain
Favicon Rebellion Rebellion Spain
Favicon P.F.C. P.F.C. Sweden
Favicon Gimi Gimi Sweden
Favicon Qapital Qapital Sweden
Favicon Yapeal Yapeal Switzerland
Favicon neon-free neon-free Switzerland
Favicon Alpian Alpian Switzerland
Favicon CSX by Credit Suisse CSX by Credit Suisse Switzerland
Favicon Yuh Bank Yuh Bank Switzerland
Favicon Zak Bank Cler Zak Bank Cler Switzerland
Favicon MonoBank MonoBank Ukraine
Favicon Wise Wise United Kingdom
Favicon Tandem Tandem United Kingdom
Favicon Tally Tally United Kingdom
Favicon Starling Bank Starling Bank United Kingdom
Favicon Pockit Pockit United Kingdom
Favicon Dozens Dozens United Kingdom
Favicon Monese Monese United Kingdom
Favicon Revolut Revolut United Kingdom
Favicon Curve Curve United Kingdom
Favicon DynaPay DynaPay United Kingdom
Favicon Monzo Monzo United Kingdom
Favicon RoosterMoney RoosterMoney United Kingdom
Favicon Vybe Vybe United Kingdom
Favicon 220 Bank 220 Bank United Kingdom
Favicon 3s Money 3s Money United Kingdom
Favicon Atom Bank Atom Bank United Kingdom
Favicon Tide bank Tide bank United Kingdom
Favicon Coconut Coconut United Kingdom
Favicon Countingup Countingup United Kingdom
Favicon Lintel Lintel United Kingdom
Favicon Muniy Muniy United Kingdom
Favicon Nimbl Nimbl United Kingdom
Favicon OakNorth OakNorth United Kingdom
Favicon Osper Osper United Kingdom
Favicon Tide Bank Tide Bank United Kingdom
Favicon GoHenry GoHenry United Kingdom
Favicon Fintonic Fintonic Spain

9 mobile banks in Australia and New Zealand

Logo Neobank Head Office
Favicon UP UP Australia
Favicon 86400 86400 Australia
Favicon Avenue Avenue Australia
Favicon CommBank Neo CommBank Neo Australia
Favicon Judo Bank Judo Bank Australia
Favicon Tyro Payments Tyro Payments Australia
Favicon Volt Bank Volt Bank Australia
Favicon Xinja Xinja Australia
Favicon Hay Hay Australia
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